Ken Rutkowski

Talk Show Host of “Voice of Disruption” program, Co-Founder of the #1 business radio talk show in America, “Business Rockstars”, reaching tens of millions. Tech and Business Futurist, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Super Connector.


Ken customizes his speech content like no other speaker can in the world – to directly impact each audience with valuable, relevant takeaways and trends going on right now in their world that can immediately affect their business. Ken is a well-known talk radio personality, an innovative leader, a tireless strategist who networks strategic business partnerships that are remaking the digital economy, a social and new media marketing guru, and a business technology futurist. Ken works with entrepreneurs, governments, and founders all over the world, discovering and revealing new trends and ideas – and how to implement them – and how to capture the minds and hearts of investors, clients, and consumers. He has interviewed thousands of CEOs and Founders of companies in the past decade+ and expertly shares the most relevant and impactful business trends of now and the future. Ken’s ability to customize relevant industry-specific talks, tailored for each event’s topical themes, is unsurpassed and consistently earns him high marks – including a rare 95% rating at a major Meeting Professionals International event in 2018.

He’s been a part of the tech scene before it was a ‘scene’ and founded one of the very first podcasts ever when he worked with Mark Cuban and his groundbreaking internet radio format.  Today, he is on the board of several media, entertainment, and technology companies including Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. and TEDx.  Ken is the creator and co-founder of the #1 Business radio talk show in America, “Business Rockstars”.  He is also the host and creator of a new 2018 nationally syndicated radio show starting in 88 U.S. markets, called “Voice of Disruption” – the insider’s guide to global disruptive leaders.  In 2018 Ken also created weekly Podcast about Blockchain and Crypto Currencies called “Coin DMZ”, prominently featured on iTunes and Spotify Podcasts, capturing over 100,000 listeners per episode. On Coin DMZ, with industry leaders, Ken discusses the week’s latest people, politics and tech in Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Currencies.

Ken is called the connective tissue within the business landscape. He is a master at taking great ideas and turn them into multi-million dollar businesses. Among other things, Ken teaches entrepreneurs the secrets of how to attain real positioning for their business on social media, radio, TV, and print. Ken’s broad range of knowledge across many industries, coming from having interviewed thousands of the top Executives, CEOs, and Changemakers on the planet, as well as investing in many successful businesses himself, enables him to customize presentations for each audience with specific insider research, technology and industry trends that bring them real-time ROI and actionables that they can immediately take with them into their business. He also shows businesses what customers want, need, and are asking for today, and most importantly how to connect with and engage prospective and existing customers.

It’s hard to predict the future, especially if you’re still struggling to figure out what’s happening in today’s business landscape. But this is exactly what Ken does by showing what business will bring within the next six months to ten years. Using rich statistical data coupled with insight from his interviews, Ken brings the future of the business world into today’s grasp. Knowing what “will be” gives any executive an extra edge up on their competitors, banking on opportunities to capitalize on what generally is hidden from the masses.

As a thought leader, networker, super connector, serial entrepreneur and influencer across multiple industries, Ken has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week, and many more. He has over 1 million views of him speaking online, hundreds of thousands of engaged followers on Twitter and Facebook, and his FB page is ranked in the top 1% (by Facebook) in terms of activity, friends, followers, and overall interactions.

Ken the dealmaker has brought together over $3 billion US dollars in deals within the past few years. Working with fortune 100 companies, top entertainment studios and governments, Ken’s inherent talent of bridging opportunity together is part of his DNA makeup. He has spoken to, collaborated with, grown, enhanced, sat on the board, and consulted with companies including the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, SurfAir, Motorola, AT&T, Telstra, Singtel, SBS, Dish Network/ Echostar, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and many more.. Ken has also collaborated, consulted, and partnered with various governments including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Panama.


“We recently held an event in which one of our keynote speakers pulled out at the last minute. I asked Chris Lee (Cal Entertainment) who he would suggest that would fit our business summit. He recommended Mr. Ken Rutkowski, and we are so grateful. Ken was an exceptional keynote speaker who brought significant insight and knowledge to our business summit. He was the consummate gentleman, a brilliant speaker and presenter. Ken focused on making our event successful. Our next event will start with and be built around Ken.”

— Troy Brazell
SK2 Tech

“The conference wrapped just an hour ago, and the survey will go out to the attendees now. I will let you know what we hear back, but the initial response was very good. Here is an example of the feedback – this is an exerpt of an email sent by one of our members (as he waited for his flight home) to our CEO, talking about the conference.

Speakers, 11 out of 10! I come to these events hoping to glean 2-5 nuggets of information I can take back to the business. I think I found over a dozen. Ken Rutkowski opened in his key note that to be considered a successful conference, we needed to get a 10x-100x return on this event. I would seriously put my personal ROI at 30x. Ken and the other speakers all added to that.

I, personally, really liked Ken’s presentation and I have had overwhelming positive feedback about his keynote. Thanks for making this happen.

I’m breathing a sigh of relief because he did a helluva job as the kickoff speaker and I was so glad he had an immediate and positive impact with our attendees.

Also, it’s the most our association has ever spent on a speaker and if he didn’t deliver they would have been upset with me and that would be the end of writing the big checks. But instead, people raved.”

— Adriane Harrison
Director, Human Relations
Printing Industries of America

“Ken did an amazing job at our event! Jim Brady the CIO of Kaiser said, ‘he’s just what we need to get people excited’
The reviews were great, I look forward to working with Ken in the future.”

— Ian Slade

 “Ken was a fantastic speaker, and we were lucky to have him as our opening keynote speaker for our annual HR conference. When we were looking for speakers to fill this spot we knew we needed someone who would be able to provide valuable content and cutting edge content on a topic new to much of our attendee base. At the same time we needed our speaker to create energy and buzz in the room, and encouraging participation with our attendees. No easy feat at 8:30 am on a Monday morning! We selected Ken because of his versatility, willingness to curate specific content geared towards our audience, and knowledge of entrepreneurship, and business acumen. We were not disappointed. When Ken took the stage, his presence, demeanor, and approachability quickly won the crowd over. His presentation was spot on with what we asked him to build, and our attendees were very pleased with the amount of takeaways they were able to leave with. Overwhelmingly our attendees rated his presentation as 5 out of 5 or 4 out of 5, which speakers for itself. Specific comments included in the feedback were:

· “Engaging speaker – Great insight.”
· “Lots of valuable tips about useful sites and helping build yourself. High energy.”
· “Extremely impressive and motivating”
· “Awesome speaker and a fellow Orland Park citizen!”

— Julie Rischmiller



Discover how today’s most successful people have stopped networking and learned to connect. This goes beyond social media and mobile apps but how to create an epicenter of opportunity by becoming the individual

Business 2025:

It’s hard to predict the future, especially if you’re still struggling to figure out what’s happening in today’s economy. But peeking into the future is exactly what Ken Rutkowski does by showing what business will bring within the next ten years. Using trends, rich statistical data and interviews with over 1,000 CEOs, Founders and successful entrepreneurs, Ken brings the future of the business world into today’s grasp. 

 Knowing what “will be” gives any executive an extra edge up on their competitors, banking on opportunities to capitalize on what generally is hidden from the masses.

The Rise of Collaborative Leadership:

In a world of partnerships, joint ventures and outsourcing, leaders need to be able to deliver results by working across organizational boundaries. No matter how senior they are or how powerful they may appear, leaders have to accept the realities of interdependence and the limits of their own authority. In short, one of the key attributes of the successful leader is their ability to lead collaboratively.

So what are the traits of the leaders of tomorrow?

  • Being part of the team
  • Repair from mistakes,
  • Having the power of resilience
  • Agility is to second nature
  • Understand patience will create success
  • Empathy connects the team.

The next generation professionals have a vital role to play in building collaborative leadership capability. The inclusion of collaborative leadership attributes in recruitment specifications and senior job profiles, the creation of collaborative leadership 360 tools and development programs, will all play a part. But most of all it will be leaders acting as role models  that will make the difference, because if there is one simple truth about being a collaborative leader it’s that you can’t do it on your own. It’s all about the power of the “WE” not the “I”..

Super-Connecting and Networking:

In today’s socially and digitally connected world, simple networking is not always enough to move your career forward. We all know connections matter and social relationships can become the building blocks of success. No one understands this better than the elite group referred to as “super-connectors.” 

Ken Rutkowski is considered one of the most connected individuals in the world. He is ranked in the top 1% of Facebook & Linkedin, having over one million listeners globally from social and from his top ranked nationally syndicated radio show, “Business Rockstars”. Ken has interviewed over 1,000 high profiled CEOs, founders and executives discovering what makes them tick. If super-connectors are personalization engines for entrepreneurs, then Rutkowski is the Pandora of Gen-Y networking.

In Ken’s talk, he brings a keen insight to the secrets of building strategic relationships and a world class rolodex. 

Blockchain 3.0 – The Rise of the Crypto Cyborg:

Heeding the lessons of the past to teach us how to find success for the future in both Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies is what Ken Rutkowski delivers in he “new” talk called “Blockchain 3.0 – The Raise of the Crypto Cyborg”.  The pre-internet days of AOL & CompuServe where disruptive by the open web (www), bringing a decentralized world of openness making everything from content to commerce possible. The new normal of blockchain & crypto hasn’t establish a “real” marketplace yet and digital cyborgs (AI platforms)  are about to take over right before our eyes.    Ken has been publicly credited in coining the phrase “Web 3.0” by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and now he sees where Blockchain is heading with new constructs like DAOs (distrubutive automative organizations), POSs (platform operating systems) and the direction of the cyberpunk movement.

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